Resilience * Arts * Action

Tardigrade Stage

Tardigrade Stage creates artistic events designed to lift the spirits and to support local groups working for climate, environmental and social justice. Our goal is to make a space for the arts, a place for neighbors to come together, and a platform from which groups doing good work can inspire. We ourselves find inspiration from the resilient and easy-to-overlook tardigrades that manage to proliferate in even the most extreme environments  – hence our name!

Events may center around live music, storytelling, dancing, poetry, visual arts, or more –  all determined event-by-event. Each event will shine the spotlight on friends and neighbors that are taking action to improve our communities, and raise money to support their organization. We will keep it personal and interactive, because that is how good stuff gets done.

100% volunteer with 100% of proceeds going to organizations. If you would like to attend, have a skill to share, a venue to offer, or an organization to support, contact Barbara here.  Skills can include everything from spreading the word on social media or baking cookies to performing a belly dance – whatever is your forte – and help is welcome!

Tardigrade Stage is initiated by Barbara Lieurance and is inspired by Sarah Bob and her project “Nasty Cooperative” south of the Charles River.

To stay informed about upcoming Tardigrade Stage events or to volunteer, join the Tardigrade Stage mailing list.